Cavernous hemangioma of the spongious body of the urethra: a case report


Urethral hemangiomas are rare and benign tumors, probably originating from a unipotent angioblastic stem cell. They can vary in size and the clinical appearance can range from asymptomatic lesions to urethral bleeding or gross hematuria. We present the case of an 18-year-old male, with a history of urethral bleeding. Cystourethoscopy revealed a solitary bulging mass into the lumen, about 6 cm far from the external meatus. Doppler study confirmed that the lesion was in communication with the vessels of the left spongious body. The patient underwent surgical removal of the lesion. The post-procedure Doppler study revealed an inflammation-based remodeling of the spongoius urethra and the absence of the previous vascular connection. At the time of publication the patient is still symptom-free. The surgical removal of urethral hemangiomas is by far the technique of choice for treating such lesions in young patients, thus avoiding side effects of LASER treatments.

Urologia 2012; 79(3): 211 - 213

Article Type: CASE REPORT



Maria Abbinante, Simone Crivellaro, Paolo Guaitoli, Giuseppe Mastrocinque, Enrico Ammirati, Bruno Frea

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